September 12, 2010

365, mini-shoot.

So Lanna and I have been trying to figure out a good way to motivate ourselves to get this blog running. She posed that we do the 365 challenge. I said ok. However, on the first day, she's crazy sick...been bed ridden all day today. What does that mean? I'm in charge of the picture(s) today =) Here's what came of the challenge for 09/12/10. enjoy

Puffy (as i'm calling him, since we're super close friends, now) was great and really easy to work with. He gave me complete creative control, which is always cool. Now the question is, which one should be the 1st picture of the 365? Let us know your thoughts! Comment on here or follow us and let us know on Facebook and Twitter!



  1. DEFINITELY the middle one - that's my fave. (With the bright blue sky!) "Puffy" looks a little mean though... I have a happier version of him in my office!

  2. yeah, he definitely has a grumpy face....didn't seem that upset in the movie. Maybe he's bitter about his career not taking off like he expected =)