September 29, 2010

Let's play some catch-up?!

OOOOOOOOK, so it's been a few days. Busy, busy, busy. Columbus was AMAZING! We're already planning another trip to visit our friends Bethany and Aaron, as well as an early spring family vaca together to Nashville!!! Gonna be some good times.

On Saturday, we went to Columbus' Oktoberfest. Day 14 is the first picture, the other two are extras...

It was still dark when left from Columbus, so we got to see the sunrise. It was amazing...and day 15

Day 16 was monday, and band practice day for The Waking Point. We needed an updated picture, so with the help of the self-timer, this is the end product:

and for day 17, we had coupons to try Chick-Fil-A's new spicy chicken nuggets. AMAZING? How could they put out anything thats not? Seriously. The cow agrees....


p.s., sorry the pictures are all over the place. its acting goofy when i try to post.
Hope you enjoy, regardless.

September 25, 2010

Day 13

So we forgot the camera at our friends' house last night so no real shots....but we did get a picture of the delicious Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.
Lanna got Salty Caramel and Pistachio Honey. I got the Salty Caramel and the Bourbon Buttered Pecan. OMG! There's ACTUALLY bourbon in this ice cream and it's AMAZING! Seriously, if you're ever in columbus (or anywhere else where there's a Jeni's) you have to stop and get some ice cream. Some of the best i've ever had. Click the picture below to show your support.

Going to Columbus' Octoberfest today with the Bentons. Looking forward to NOT forgetting the camera again and getting some awesome shots for you. The next post might be a good'n.


September 23, 2010


Got my face rocked tonight by my good friends Brent Reed, Jonny B. Tony and Randy at Fountain Square for the Midpoint Music Festival. These guys are incredible and i look forward to sharing the stage with them soon. I tried to get some good shots of them on stage, but the lighting was awful and we have inadequate gear to get good night time shots while stuff's moving all around and such. One day =)

Anyway, here are a couple of shots that turned out pretty good i think.

i actually like the motion blur in this. Most of the time blurriness can ruin a shot, but this one just feels right to me. If you haven't listened to Brent's music, check it out here

This one is by far my favorite of the night, and the picture for Day 12. Jonny, if you've never met him, is one of the kindest people i know. He's got such a heart for people, and this picture portrays that, i think. Again, the motion blur makes it awesome, for me.

We're heading to Columbus this weekend to visit a couple friends. Should be an awesome time and there WILL be pictures. If we don't update while we're there, lookout for the day 13 and 14 all at once =)

September 22, 2010


This is a bomb dot com granny thermos that a dear friend got me randomly one day. She saw it and said it made her think of me. I'm a big fan of granny blankets, and I love that anything resembling a granny blanket makes people think of me. Love you, Kel!

Day 10

It's a day late, but here's number 10:

Also, since i've got you here, if you haven't already (and even if you have) my band, The Waking Point posted the first song off our debut e.p. "Lifted" this week. Go to Facebook or Purevolume and listen to "Faint" and add us, like us, comment, tweet, whatever.

The artwork for the e.p. is one of BeardedLady's photos. It looks pretty nice. Here it is:

September 20, 2010

day 9

Well? Is it?

Something a little different....

Crossroads is doing a series called "PLAY", so in lieu of that, i wanted to give you some videos that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is how the series started... a flash mob to "Fireflies" by Owl City

"Marcel the Shell with Shoes On"

This one reminds me of our friend Seth. Cracks me right up.

September 19, 2010

day 8

today we took my mama to Findlay Market. It is my favorite place in the city. She loved it. This is us before we dug into some insanely good greek food.

the girl in the background looks really cool. If I had seen her, I probably would have had a girl crush on her.

September 18, 2010

NKY Exploration Mega-Post!

That title makes this sound pretty epic. Basically, i drove around Northern Kentucky a bit over the past two days and took a few pictures along the way. I like em =)

If you're ever in Ludlow, KY (which there aren't a TON of reasons) go up River Breeze Dr and check out the view. pretty incredible. We'd like to go up for sunset one night.

Shepard Fairey visited Cincy a couple months ago and left his mark all over the city. This isn't a mural, but it made for a cool picture, in my opinion. Not even sure if he put the sticker there or if it was one of his disciples. I just love the Cincy Skyline in the background.

I grew up in good ole' Williamstown, KY. If you've been there, you probably didn't stay long because there's really nothing to do there. However, one thing i love about being away from the city is that most things stay the same. This driveway is about a quarter of a mile long, all gravel, and amazing. It's just a little down from the house i grew up in and looks exactly as it always has. It's always fascinated me for some reason, and this, literally is as close i've ever come to walking it's length. Maybe one day i'll brave the adventure and see where it leads me.Just another gem of the country. No story here, it just caught my eye as we walked past.

There ya have it. I hope it held up to the epic-ness of the title. Tomorrow should be good. Lanna's mom is coming down from Oxford for her first Findlay Market experience.

Nighty-night kiddies.

Day 7

So it was an eventful day today. There are more pictures that we'll post later, but we wanted to leave you with at least the Day 7 picture of the "365", compliments of Five Guys Burgers and Fries at Rookwood Commons. I think this is about as delicious a half eaten burger can look =)

September 17, 2010

day 6

Date night for the Hoffmans included sitting at the airplane viewing spot at CVG and this place...


September 16, 2010

Day 5

the lady is baking cookies for her class, because she's the best preschool teacher ever.

Day 4

sorry we missed this last night. Here's Day 4........on day 5 =) Today's will come later.

September 14, 2010

Day 3, Lanna's turn.

Sunrise over the flood wall. It's always nice to start your day out with something pretty!

September 13, 2010


Joe's Crab Shack is one of those places that we rarely consider going, but wins when we do. Everything thing about our experiences there have been magical. Good service, good environment, great food. Friday night we had date night and ended up at Joe's in Newport. Now, i've had crab before but never crab legs. What better time to try them! FYI...they were amazing. Fire-grilled snow shoe crab. Do it. Here was my reaction:

I'll make sure lanna posts the day 3 picture for our 365 challenge. We're doing things a little differently than you're supposed to, i guess, but who cares. it's whatevs.

September 12, 2010

365, mini-shoot.

So Lanna and I have been trying to figure out a good way to motivate ourselves to get this blog running. She posed that we do the 365 challenge. I said ok. However, on the first day, she's crazy sick...been bed ridden all day today. What does that mean? I'm in charge of the picture(s) today =) Here's what came of the challenge for 09/12/10. enjoy

Puffy (as i'm calling him, since we're super close friends, now) was great and really easy to work with. He gave me complete creative control, which is always cool. Now the question is, which one should be the 1st picture of the 365? Let us know your thoughts! Comment on here or follow us and let us know on Facebook and Twitter!