September 18, 2010

NKY Exploration Mega-Post!

That title makes this sound pretty epic. Basically, i drove around Northern Kentucky a bit over the past two days and took a few pictures along the way. I like em =)

If you're ever in Ludlow, KY (which there aren't a TON of reasons) go up River Breeze Dr and check out the view. pretty incredible. We'd like to go up for sunset one night.

Shepard Fairey visited Cincy a couple months ago and left his mark all over the city. This isn't a mural, but it made for a cool picture, in my opinion. Not even sure if he put the sticker there or if it was one of his disciples. I just love the Cincy Skyline in the background.

I grew up in good ole' Williamstown, KY. If you've been there, you probably didn't stay long because there's really nothing to do there. However, one thing i love about being away from the city is that most things stay the same. This driveway is about a quarter of a mile long, all gravel, and amazing. It's just a little down from the house i grew up in and looks exactly as it always has. It's always fascinated me for some reason, and this, literally is as close i've ever come to walking it's length. Maybe one day i'll brave the adventure and see where it leads me.Just another gem of the country. No story here, it just caught my eye as we walked past.

There ya have it. I hope it held up to the epic-ness of the title. Tomorrow should be good. Lanna's mom is coming down from Oxford for her first Findlay Market experience.

Nighty-night kiddies.

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