February 21, 2011


I am bursting at the seams to decorate our next place. We've moved a lot the past couple of years, and in June we're moving again, but we're sticking around for 5 years or so. That's our hope anyway. I feel like I can finally start designing a space because I'll have a stable, long term home! So excited. Here are the things I've chosen so far. I haven't actually bought any of them yet, but they're chosen and I heart them.


cute little pillows for couch and whatnot: 1, 2, 3. There's a million pillows that I really like. I obsess over cute accent pillows. I already have one I made with ikea fabric that's a bright blue with white branches and little orange dots all over it, so I'm gonna do lots of blue, orange, and gray and maybe a little yellow in the living room. There are currently about 100 pillows on my favorites list on etsy : )

This is the couch we're planning on getting! I can't remember if we liked the light gray or medium gray. I think it was the lighter one but they look a little different online than in person.

We already have this coffee table in golden brown. It's currently in storage. We're not sure yet if we're going to keep it or look for something else. I think it'd be fun to find some sort of french industrial table like Kristen's. I heart french industrial. I didn't know it was called french industrial til' recently, but I heart it.

sigh. I can't wait.

Also, I am totally obsessing over this. Someone please buy it for me : )

ALSO, you should check out Sarah's review of Paint by the glass. We had a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend Sarah. That sounds dirty, but it's not.

And since your'e asking, here's some Harlem Jones for your viewing pleasure.

and here's a scrumptious niecy for your viewing pleasure.


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