March 15, 2011

Siren Magazine/Promise Tangeman

I just read an interview with Promise Tangeman over on Siren Magazine's website. Awesome interview. I adore Promise Tangeman. She is SOOOO inspiring to me. Everything she does is super. I love the points she makes about creativity and the church. I think she hit the nail on the head!! I'm also at this moment obsessing over, which she recommends in the interview. You should hop on over to Siren's website and read the interview! It's pretty neato! If you want to go straight to the interview, click here.


  1. firstly, i need you to know that i frequently think i comment on your posts, but forget to fill out the little captcha thing, don't realize it of course, and then later come back and see that yet again i failed to comment.

    secondly, i read this article and it is definitely awesome. i have never even heard of promise tangeman but now have and think she is totally awesome.

    thirdly, i also listened to the mike mains & the branches video you posted. um...awesome?!

    fourthly, atomic number ten: seriously! let's go!!!

  2. OMG YES! We are so going. It's final.