March 8, 2011

Spring Goals

I decided today that it would be fun/challenging to make a short list of goals for the spring, and then continue to build on them or make new goals at the beginning of each season. I've had a lot of stuff going on in my mind lately as far as things I want to do/get better at, and I think writing them down and making them semi-public to the 3 people that actually read my blog would help me stay accountable! So I wrote my little list down in my journal and now I'm going to post it, too. If you want, you should make some goals and tell me so I can see them on your blog! We could have a little spring goals blog party! Yeah!


Anyway, here's the list of my goals... they're in no particular order.

1. exercise at least 3 times a week. Either jogging, yoga, pilates, or something like it. Going on walks doesn't count because I could go on walks all day long. I want to take care of my's the only one God gave me! I used to work out as sort of an act of was my way of acknowledging that God created my body and wants me to take care of it as a holy vessel. I used to be a little cheesier than I am now : ) but I still feel that way about our bodies and I want to take care of the one I've been given!

2. Be more diligent in planning and DOING my quiet time. I used to make sure I had a quiet time every day to read my bible, pray, journal, or just be in God's presence. I also used to be a youth leader so it was easier for me since I knew I was teaching/modeling it for the youth. I need to get better about doing that again. I've slacked big time since I stopped leading and I definitely feel it!

3. Get better at writing down plans when I make them and keeping a schedule. I bought a super cute planner at Target for half price on Sunday. I'm really pumped : ) My BFF can tell you that I often times forget plans and double book myself. I don't like that about myself, so the easiest way to change it is to WRITE IT DOWN and keep my planner with me. I'm hoping it'll also help me stay accountable to my quiet times.

4. Promote and do senior pictures. This would have to involve getting a better camera. And by better I mean getting A camera. The one I've been using is my friends, and she needs it back since her super awesome one is at the doctor; and I really don't like taking it from her anyway. So I'm hoping I'm provided with a really awesome canon : )

5. Make at least 3 crafty things. Duh.

6. Pray about and pursue specific ministries to be a part of. I want to choose 1-3 specific ministries that I can be a part of in a way more than just money. I typically want to be a part of everything I see/hear about and end up doing nothing, so I need to narrow it down and actually do it!

7. Be as encouraging and helpful as possible to Matt. I want to be the best I can be for him. He's working really hard to provide for us and I want to be a soft place for him to land at the end of the day!

So those are my spring goals. What are yours?!!


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  1. i hope this isn't to forward: i want to be your best friend.

    on a less obsessive note, your spring goals are awesome. once i get over the overwhelming sense of self-defeat that came as a result of the failure of my last singular goal, i may make a list of my own.

    in the meantime, i will use your list as inspiration :)