April 20, 2011

a restful wednesday

Today I'm off because the family I nanny for is out of town, so I spent the day with myself doing a few fun things. Naturally I started the day off playing with Harlem Jones.

and then I put on my favorite lazy day skirt and went to Coffee Emporium in East Hyde Park. There's also a location downtown and that one has a really cool, urban vibe, but I think the parking cost way too much and I like how quaint and quiet the one in ehp is. When we lived in Oakley I would walk here on my days off and order a cremosa and sit and read or play on the computer. I miss it. Such a cozy little place and the vanilla cremosas are one of my favorite drinks ever. If you live in Cincinnati, GO TO COFFEE EMPORIUM AND ORDER A VANILLA CREMOSA. They are to die for delicious. YUM. After I got my drink I sat at a corner table by a window and read Alice in Wonderland. A favorite story with a favorite drink. So good.

I've been thinking of getting my bangs cut lately. I've been kind of bored with my hair but I know I want to keep growing it. I like my curls and I want them to be long and glorious : ) I figure the best way to keep from getting bored is to play with my fringe so I decided to go to High Five today and let my cool friend Christine chop up my bangs. She rocks! I love that place and I love her.

Good stuff. I'm thankful for days like this!

how's your wednesday?

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  1. I'm am doing the opposite, I'm growing my bangs out. I've had some kind of bang or fringe for a LONG time now and I think it's time to change it up! So I'm attempting to grow them out, tried it before and gave up and cut them. But the warm weather is already showing how annoying bangs will be when it's really hot and I'm out sweat by the pool in the sun!