January 15, 2011

30 days of Thankfulness: Day 1

I first got the idea for 30 days of thankfulness from the lovely and super inspiring Kelli Trontell. For 30 days leading up to Thanksgiving last year, she would update her facebook status sharing one specific thing that she was thankful for. It was really inspiring to me, and I thought to myself, "Next year for Thanksgiving I am totally doing that." I kept thinking about it between then and now, and suddenly today it dawned on me that I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING! Duh me!!!! So for the next 30 days, I will be facebook statusing (I just made that word up because I'm cool) and blogging one specific thing that I'm thankful for. My prayer is that 1. God will cultivate a spirit of thankfulness in me that is rooted deep and goes well beyond a 30 day challenge, and 2. That I will inspire and encourage others to be thankful!

Last night was a late night with The Waking Point. So this morning was a very slow moving, cuddly, relaxing morning. The Beard and I slept in, and then just laid in bed for at least 2 hours cuddling and talking. Of course we also cuddled with Miss Jones! At around 11 I got up, ate a little "breakfast" (for me, whenever possible, breakfast is leftovers!mmmmm!!!!) and went right back to bed to cuddle. It's been a while since we got to just laze a morning away, and today I am so so thankful for slow moving Saturday mornings that unwind like a good book. And also for a studly huz and sweet dog to share it with.

Oh, and I'm also thankful for Kelli, who inspires me in so many ways!

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