January 19, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: day 5

this is an obvious one, but I'm pretty thankful for this beardly stud. I mean, all the time. But especially when I've had a bad day. When I have a bad day, he typically senses it before I even walk in the door. Then he gives me some extra cuddles, and usually takes me out to eat something greasy and really bad for me. But mama loves her comfort food, and my boo know what I like! This day was one of THOSE days. My full time job is being a nanny. I love being a nanny, but sometimes it can be a little stressful and frustrating. That's what happened today. So I got home, threw myself on the couch and proceeded to seek solace in half a pint of Haagen Dazs vanilla bean ice cream. And of course my man came down and cuddled and made a few jokes to make me smile, and then took me to this place. mmmmmm... As Matt likes to say "they soak their food in glory."

and then he let me buy some curtains. And then he hung them up all by himself while I typed about his awesomeness.

Thanks for making my days better, huz. I'm thankful for you!

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