January 20, 2011

embrace the camera

These are our friends Seth and Kelly. It feels like we've been friends forever, but we've actually known them for less than 2 years. We lived RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from each other for a while, but never actually met until we were both in a "Love and Respect" community group through crossroads. Matt and I couple crushed on them from afar for a couple weeks, and then by God's glorious hand we were walking by their house one night when they pulled up and got out of their car. I, not being able to contain my secret love for them any longer, shouted at them. And from there it's all history. They have been great friends to us. They moved to Madison, Wisconsin last year and we miss them terribly. This picture is from when they came to visit us at Christmas time. We had a breakfast and church date. Then we discovered that someone *ahemmattahem* locked our keys in the car, so they stood out in the bitter cold with us until we could someone to drive out and break in our car for us. While doing so, we took this picture. Since I'm thinking of them and missing them today, I thought it appropriate to make it our first "embrace the camera".

p.s. Matt has a job interview today, please be in prayer for him!

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  1. Love this. Lanna, I'm BEYOND WORDS thankful for you. You are one of the bestest friends a girl could ask for. You and Matt are good people, and we are forever thankful for the couple crushing. :o) Can't wait for the next time we get to hang with you guys!!! LOVE YOU.