February 28, 2011

Dear birfday boy,

Thanks for being manly and hunky and studly. Thanks for reaching things when I can't reach them, which is most of the time. thanks for giving me cuddles any time I want. thanks for being so funny and making me laugh on a very regular basis. thanks for being so passionate about being creative and following your dreams. thanks for loving garden gnomes as much as I do, thanks for letting me decorate things in a girly manner even though I know you'd rather have a little more man and a little less bird pattern. thanks for not telling me to shut up when I constantly ask you whether or not I should get my nose pierced because I can't make up my mind. Thanks for telling me I'm super fly every time I start to get down on myself. Thanks for letting me bring stray dogs home. Thanks for letting me bring stray cats home! Thanks for giving me hugs when I cry in parking lots over giving said stray cats away. Thanks for playing with my hair to put me to sleep at night. Thanks for being protective over me and giving hardcore looks to teenagers when they check me out. Thanks for being a totally legit super awesome drummer. Thanks for laughing at my awesomely stupid jokes and not telling me what a crazy person I am when I start making random noises and/or dancing for no apparent reason. Thanks for going on picnics with me and letting me buy out-of-our-budget anthropologie stuff. Thanks for thinking I'm cool and indy when really I just don't match. Thanks for putting up with me when I go all hormonally psycho on you. Thanks for being there for me all the time and giving me wise, godly advice when I need it, and thanks for being an awesome leader. And thanks for not calling me a fatty when I ate cookies and milk before bed last night and then again when I got up this morning. I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday to the best hubby everrrrr!!!


  1. This is the most amazing blog post I've ever read!!! AHHH!!! I freakin' love you guys!!!