March 17, 2011

the day I became an iphone junkie.

I would say how I feel about St. Patricks Day, but I think Abbi pretty much summed it up for me. I'm much more interested in the fact that today was the day that I joined the iphone club. And within an hour of having it I'd already tweeted twice. This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but about a year ago I took a firm and solemn vow not to tweet because of something about narcissism and America. I don't know. Matt even created a twitter for beardedlady and I wouldn't use it. Apparently all it takes for me to become a narcissist and start tweeting like a madman is the iphone. But what I'm really excited about is the pictures!! I always wish I'd brought a camera with me almost everywhere so that I can catch little moments and have memories, but I never really want to carry a bulky camera, and the camera on my old phone Sucked with a capitol SSSSS. So needless to say I am all over the instagram and photo apps. Tonight we did some fun stuff so I got to break myself in. The huz and I had a little date at Johnny Rockets. Gosh I love cheeseburgers. It's almost embarrassing how much I love cheeseburgers. Then we met our friends Nate and Emmy and walked from their house in Pleasant Ridge to Molly Molones... but that's it. We literally walked there, saw the amount of people and heard that is was 5 bucks just to go in, and turned around and walked back. We opted instead to have some drinks on their deck and then go to yagoot with their super awesome dog, Zach. Zach loves strawberry yagoot. I got the italian cocoa and banana flavors swirled together with some granola. YUMSVILLE!!! I didn't get a pic of that because I was too busy devouring it. Anyway, here's some pics from the evening. Hope your's was just as swell : )


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