March 21, 2011

Weekend in Photos

This was a fun weekend. I saw lots of people that I love and ate good food. Can't beat that! Friday night we went to a Chinese Buffet. Buffets are another thing I took a solemn vow against long ago but I've recently decided that foreign ones are less dirty and yummy, so I'm making a compromise : ) Matt loves dessert at buffets, so he got a little of everything

Saturday, I went to a human trafficking awareness event at my old church, Fairfield First Baptist. It was hosted by my bestie and Stop Traffick Fashion was there sellling fair trade goods. Learning about and supporting the fight against modern day slavery has become close to my heart this year, and I'm really proud of Sarah for getting it together. This church and the people in it are so special to me. I love them so much. I was so glad to spend some time with them! Here is one of the tables set up from Stop Traffick Fashion...

and sweet Camille was there munching on some pound cake, I love her SOOOOOO much!

Then I visited with my grandma for a little bit while I waited for the beard to get off work. We went home and played with this pretty girl

On Sunday, we had breakfast at Red Squirrel. Look at that stud.

And then went to Fairfield First for the ground breaking of The Rock Community Center. They've been wanting to build this since I was there, and that was 3 years ago that I left to go to Crossroads with Matt. It's so exciting to see it finally happening!

Then we went to the antique mall with Sarah, but my phone was dying so I couldn't take it in for pics. I was so bummed! But it was a wondrous weekend! How was yours?!


  1. i am jealous of your iphone.

    like, a lot.

    also i am pretty sure rob and i are coming to the waking point show tomorrow!