April 30, 2011

hey there

it's been a busy couple of weeks!! We've been dog/house sitting for some friends and I am in full on dog baby itch. I want to get Harlem a little brother SO bad! Ollie is a little black pug who snorts when he breaths and snorts even louder when he gets excited. He barks at the t.v. when he see's dogs on it and snuggles like it's his job. He is so precious. I'll be so sad to leave him today! I want to bring him home with us.

I meant to post some pics of Easter last week but alas I was too lazy busy to blog. It was a great Easter Sunday. Matt and I went to breakfast at Bluebird Restaurant in Norwood. Best biscuits and gravy. BEST. They have a glorious amount of pepper in them. They also have those little mini jukeboxes at each table and we fed it quarters and listened to awesome songs like "Purple People Eater" and the like. Don't try to tell me you don't find that song awesome. Then we went to church and enjoyed some worship. I love some good worship. Straight from church we drove to my mom's in Oxford and had dinner with the fam and a little egg hunt for the babes. I got some pics. Naturally they are pretty much only pictures of Caraline. My other niece Madi was with her mom so she couldn't come to our families dinner/egg hunt. I missed her.

Here are a couple pics from Bluebird. Do yourself a fave and go. It's on Montgomery Road in Norwood.

and pics of dinnerwiththefamily Caraline.

How freaking cute is she trying to eat that Easter egg?!?! I can't even take it. She's the cutest baby in the world right now. Rivaled only by my future baby. And that's my mama holding her. Isn't she pretty? She's pretty.

These are the flowers that are consuming my sisters front yard. Jealous.

Ok. Can we just talk for a minute about my new must have product? This toner is the shiz. I usually don't use toners because they dry me out big time and screw up my face. But I had a couple tiny little jerks hanging around on my face last week and decided I'd give it a try. It was mostly because I love rose water anything and I've heard about it's awesomeness as a skin care product. I dabbed it on the little jerks on my head and the next morning they were GONE. GOOOONE. And my skin was far from dried out. Since then I've used it if I feel like my nose is getting a little oily or if I just don't feel like washing my face at night. It is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend it. No matter what kind of skin you have!

Plus, look at that pretty bottle. Which is unbreakable, might I add. And trust me. I've tested it's breakability about 133957385 times in the past week. I got it at target but amazon has it too.

Last night we went out with new good friends and had so much fun that I only remembered to take one picture. We were going to go eat at the senate but it had an hour and 40 minute wait at 8:30 at night and we were already starving so we went to Shanghai Mama's. OMG. SO GOOD. Cincinnati has some amazing places to eat. I love this city. Best Chinese food ever. And the waitress was seriously the most amazing waitress ever. She was HILARIOUS. Abi and I may need to go there for lunch when we go on our upcoming date : )

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Hope you have a beautiful weekend : )

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