May 17, 2011

1 spring goal achieved, and some other cool stuff.

A friend of ours, who's a youth leader in Kentucky, posted on facebook tonight that he was looking for some new art for his youth groups worship space. I thought I would donate a couple paintings I did. I did part of this a while back but when I pulled it out tonight I suddenly got inspired to add to it. So I whipped something up real quick and I'm really happy w/ how it turned out. I'm not an actual artist or anything, but I still really like it and hope it speaks to whoever see's it hanging in the youths worship space. It's inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:7.

I think I'm going to make another in different colors to hang over our bed, because this verse gives me hope in the truth that love really does win when Jesus is at the center of it. I just had Matt type the words out for me in photoshop because I'm lame and can't do it myself, and then I cut them out, ran the edge of the scissors along the edges of the paper to rough them up, and then I melted golf wax and used it to adhere the paper to the canvas. Then I dripped some wax all over to add some extra texture to the overall piece. Super easy. ANYONE could do it. While admiring it I realized that this totally counts as my spring goal to make at least 1 crafty thing. Hopefully it wont be my only crafty thing, but things are awfully busy right now and you never know. I did a fist pump and said an overdramatic "YESSSSSSS." When I realized this. I'm weird.

Also, this weekend I went vintaging at Atomic Number Ten with two cool girls. Abi, who is pretty much the only person who ever comments on my blog (and lets be honest, probably the only person who reads it besides myself.) and Kristen. It was fun. I got a skirt with snails on it. And the snails are kissing. It is way too cool for school. Too legit to quit, even. You'll get a picture when I wear it. It was our first time at A.N.T. and it was good. I'll definitely be going back to hit up that vintage dish section once we finally get a place.

I wanted to get more pictures but I was too busy filling my arms with vintage goodies to try on and trying to figure out a way to get the beard to let me blow our whole budget on cool stuff.

Other than that the past several days have been filled with this:

how are you this week?

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  1. I feel unsure as to whether or not I should comment.

    But I will, because that's how I roll:so- I really like your 'crafty thing' and also thanks for letting me tag along with you guys on Sat. Also also when I see your photos it makes my heart sad that I do not have an iPhone.